29 June 2018

Freelancing Freelancer

Just me cooking some noodles in a shitty airbnb..

So here we are again, on the this highly inactive blog. I just wanted to talk a little about freelancing, not that I have had heaps of freelancing gigs.. I do like doing freelance work, and I enjoy creating logos, designs or basically anything that is digital.

But I have realised one thing that I really find hard to determine, or at least I have been struggling a lot with. How to value the price. comparing the different clients I have been working with they have always a obscure way of thinking about creative work. Just because I present 8 different design doesn't mean that it was the first 8 I came up with.. I guess that many people don't see the creative process which effects obviously the value/price of the work. I guess it is easier to understand the process when you are in the a creative industry.

Due to this problem I somehow feel bad when I should charge more, sometimes I sell myself short which is obviously bad. I think that I have to structure the "business side" of my while creating designs for people. I need to have a template so I can easily calculate what the work is worth and not sell my knowledge short. Anyway, if you have any solutions please just shoot me a email and we can discuss further.