21 June 2018

Being a Swede in Toronto

This is just a analog picture from street level, but more pictures will be added after I developed them.

As man people know, Toronto is a very vibrant city with a lot going on. First and foremost Toronto is very multi-cultural with all the different districts within the city, which we really don't get in the major cities in Sweden. This is something that I really appreciate, you can just wonder around in the different city parts but it feels like you are in a different world. That is also a very cool thing about Toronto, it's a huge city but it doesn't feel like that but in a positive way. But the best part about Toronto or probably Canada in general, is definitely the people, everyone is so nice, all the people I have met here has been super relaxed and easy to get to know! Even though Toronto might not be on you bucket list, I really recommend to check it out! very cool place!