7 June 2018

25th Birthday

This is just a analog picture from street level, but the more pictures will be added after developed.

This time of the year again, birthday season. This year is the first time since I was six years old I'm celebrating my birthday in my hometown, Toronto. Feels weird to wrap up the first quarter century in the same town where it all started. And this day me and Cecilia are celebrating two things, first and foremost, Cecilia completed her internship at John st here in Toronto and my 25th, We decided to do it in a Canadian way or more accurately Torontonian way enjoy a great meal in the all mighty CN tower, so we are really crossing our fingers for some clear weather tonight so we actually can experience the view.

...and yes the view was beyond amazing and it was a bonus that the restaurant was spinning so we had a chance to see our apartment building while eating our dinner. And the birthday gift I got from my beautiful girlfriend will be portrayed in a later post because it was an experience I would never have imagined.