20 May 2018

Finals and Prizes

The strategy in the making, like literally. Here is Jack one of the team members!

It's that time of the year, all the advertising competitions are dropping their results and students have finals. It's not the best combo. I just got the info that I and my team won a prize at the Spring Show at the Academy of Art. Check out the strategy here! Really happy for winning my first prize together with awesome people! I actually didn't know that my teammate had sent in the brand strategy we had been working on until today when he told me that we had won! and it doesn't get worse when Sweden wins the World Championship in Hockey. But after all of this positive vibes, I had to quickly jump back to my finals, that was due today. I always sit at the last second but when it's done the feeling is the best! No more school, and that you can't do anything more now. It's posted and now it's up to the teacher to see what he or she thinks.