21 April 2018

Photo Stories – I

This is my Grandma, she is 92 years old and still kicking it! My Grandma is a quirky half blind lady, but we all love her! In Swedish Grandma is Mormor, (mom-mom if you translate it from Swedish). The funny thing behind this photo is that she hadn't seen me in 3 years due to my travels. She was so hyped up that I was coming to visit her, but the second I pulled up my camera she hesitated, she hates when I take photos of her because she can tell that she is not 25 anymore. I had to snap this shot out of nowhere when she was not ready or prepared! and then she asked me to delete it and I said that it's an old camera can't delete it. She laughed and 4min after the photo we had coffee and her famous cinnamon buns.

She's the best, and I wished she had any technology so she could see this picture.

Love you Mormor!