15 July 2018

Digging down in my hard drive

I think that we all can relate that sometimes it feels like time stands still and fly's by at the same time. What I usually do is plug in my hard drive and see what I have done the passed year. It's actually very inspiring as well as a huge realisation. The feeling of, how could I have liked that photo when it was "fresh", but also looking back can give back some weird memories that you have completely forgot about. I find this very interesting and I am really happy that I take a lot of photos of random things to remember a portion of my life. I also tend to see a lot of progression in my work, not just in photography but also video and other stuff within digital design. Even though we feel that time sometimes just passes by a little bit too quick, we also can see how much things we have done in that "wasted" time. I have gotten so many memories in the passed year, but most importantly life experience. and I have only travelling to thank. I have been fortune enough too see these places and actually lived their for some time.