20 July 2018

B&W or Color?

The big topic, the one that many photographers always discuss. I know it's a tough one to battle but I believe everyone has their style of choice and I will tell you a little about my experience.

I remember the first time I went and developed my film, I was of course very excited because I basically forgot what pictures I had taken, but at the same time very eager to see how my AE-1 worked or how it actually preformed. I turned in 4 rolls of film, 2 colour and 2 monochrome.

There I stood with the negatives and the prints, I headed back home cracked a beer and was ready for the reveal. and I realised that all of my monochrome pictures were to dark and fuzzy, which I later on understood that the ASA (ISO) was set wrong. This was something that really frightened me from B&W Analog photography.

Like many of us, we started with a digital camera, you know the 90s kids. We bought our DSLR and didn't really care because we always could just make the picture black and white in post produktion. So, there is no meaning of shooting in Black and White to start with, just pull down the saturation in Camera raw filter.. BOOM.

With analog film it colour or black and white, you have to choose what you want, even though you can get the pictures scanned, but if you have dedicated your 36 exp on a monochrome film it's always a different attachment, you feel limited but satisfied at the same time. It's a weird feeling, even though I often shoot on color film, it's for the special occasions I pop in the Ilford. When I want that different depth, the emotions or just the negative space, it's for those moments. With that said, I love them both, but for certain occasions or days I really can enjoy a roll of Monochrome...