10 July 2018

Photo Stories - III

First of all, I always develop my film in bulk, not because that the shop is far away, more because I like seeing a bunch of pictures at the same time and get inspired. The best feeling is when they are developed and you go to the shop check the negatives on the way back home and later see the pictures at home.

This picture is shot on the one and only pot smoking seeking for liberty day, 20th of April, or as many refer to 420. Due to the law reform, I thought this could be a cool thing to shoot, so I brought out my camera and zoom lens to capture weird pot-smoking people at Nathan Phillips square here in Toronto. And yes I saw a lot of weird pipes, bongs, and other weed smoking accessories but most importantly the people! There were some really crazy looking people and many of them were hyped of getting their photo taken! Obviously what everybody is waiting for is that the clock will strike 20 minutes past 4, the unofficial but still official time to spark up, hit or whatever you want to do to get high. It was like Christmas for these stoners, you could see the reddish hue in their eyes while holding a finger thick blunt and eager to light it up at the given time. The countdown was just going to begin, and I heard a huge splash, somebody had thrown a stone or something over the pond and splashed this guy that was getting ready for the pot-smoking climax. I heard an overarching haul from the crowd.

The guy got so pissed, he marched straight through the shoe deep pond meanwhile the rest of the people were reaching for their lighters to be apart of the pinnacle of weed smoking. All of us that saw the guy marching through the pond was very confused, I thought it was a kind of epic way to celebrate, but the second he reaches the other side he started going at the speedy bicycle guy. It was such a weird feeling being surrounded these super high and happy people but meanwhile seeing this guy completely pissed. It was definitely a weird event but all and all a fun experience for sure!

The most intense chill day