1 April 2018

Back In the City where I was born

So it might be weird for many people to live in 3 cities in the passed 6 months, and I do to. So Here is it, I decided to complete my Advertising degree online, due to the American School system. I was not completely satisfied with my onsite teachers, so I decided to complete my education online.

Just before Christmas I packed my bags for a final time and went home for Christmas and was eager to meet my fantastic Girlfriend again. After the Christmas festivities Me and Cecilia set our sails towards a new adventure, Berlin. This place was completely AWESOME. I love the atmosphere and everything about it. But Cecilia wanted to try a new city and I was eager to move back to TO. She applied for agencies in Toronto and got accepted her first option. I tagged along to see what TO had to offer.

Here We are now in Downtown Toronto, and trying to tackel the fluctuating weather. But so far so good! Gog Leafs GO!