– 365 day festival

Background: Every year there are hundreds or maybe thousands of festivals world wide. Of course it is impossible to visit them all. Even if you pick your favourite festivals you still might not afford or even have the time to go to all of your favourite festivals. By using modern technology and apps we are going to relive all of the festivals for a full year therefor we created:

Bacardi 365day festival To both create the worlds longest festival but also build up the hype for the festival goers for a full year. Using live concerts from festivals world wide you can tune in to our website where you can join the party by streaming concerts from various festivals all day everyday for a full year.

If you use social media apps such as snapchat you can apply an live 360° filter. By using the gyroscope in your smartphone you can easily twist and turn to be part of the crowd at any of the live concert.

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Role: Art Director

Me & Cecilia Martinsson