Markus AmnegÄrd

I'm a Art Director & Content Creator currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. Give me a shout if you find something interesting.

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A print and Tv campaign

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  • Bacardi
    Digital Campaign

    The 360 day festival for D&AD awards

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  • Acamedey of Art

    Me and my team created a brand strategy for a department at Academy of Art

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  • Work
    Film jobs

    Projects that I've been a part of

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  • Passion

    What I like to do on my Free time

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  • Huawei
    Print Campaign

    For the not so Tech savvy grandparent.

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  • Victorinox
    Print Campaign

    There is adventure in all of us.

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  • Casio
    Outdoor Campaign

    To bring back the heritage and history of a well-known brand, with graphic elements and vibrant colours

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  • SMPL

    A clothing brand I built up in Sweden

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  • Video

    Projects I have been filming and editing.

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